In-Company Courses

Your company can plan in-house courses with our team of experts. We will customize a course that will meet your schedule and unique objectives with appropriate, innovative and precise methods.

We will cover specialized vocabulary, practical grammar and business expressions to prepare you for real life situations.

  • We carry out the language training courses on your premises, which saves your company valuable class time.
  • The groups are homogenous and can cover company topics which are important for your daily work.
  • The participants learn how to talk about, explain and even sell the company’s products in a foreign language.
  • Important information sources such as company emails, brochures or presentation materials are used in the lessons.
  • You can decide on the subject matter, time and length of the course.

Standard Subject Matters

  • Meetings
  • Negotiations
  • Telephoning
  • Company visits
  • Presentations
  • Technologies
  • Financial matters
  • Legal matters
  • Interviews/interviewing
  • HR
  • IT
  • Small-talk
  • Losing your inhibitions
  • and much more upon request

Types of Courses