Software & Mobile App Localization

T&L GLOBAL offers software and mobile app localization, which includes adapting your software solutions and apps to linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a market.

Software localization is more than a translation of a product’s user interface. We will help you localize your software and overcome cultural barriers for your products.

The key elements to our successful process are:

  1. Our project managers are available to assess your needs and develop the most cost-effective solutions for your organization.
  2. Our translation specialists support you with the user interface localization.
  3. We assist you with functional testing, quality assurance, help files and technical documentation.

All three steps are coordinated and leveraged in order to ensure the maximum cost savings, fastest time-to-market and greatest consistency in the final product.

We provide translation and localization services in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. Other languages can be available upon request.

We can also offer you a test translation free of charge.
We begin the next step only when you are satisfied with our test translation.