Intercultural Seminars

These training courses provide you with the knowledge of cultural differences that often lead to misunderstandings in the international business world. In these seminars our participants will learn how to conduct business and lead projects with foreign partners with ease.

Standard subject matters include:

  • Cultural differences
  • Differences in the way business is conducted
  • Contrasting communication styles
  • Accommodating company visitors and guests
  • Effective correspondence (email, letters etc.)
  • Successful presentations in the foreign language
  • Developing telephone strategies and tools
  • Small talk for better business relations and transactions
  • Business trips
  • Daily life in a foreign country – booking a hotel room, asking for directions, proper etiquette in a restaurant etc.
  • Traveling around Europe: similarities and differences among European countries
  • Doing business in Europe: similarities and differences among European countries and why the EU matters

You can enroll in a conventional class at our Pittsburgh center or your desired location. We also offer online courses designed to meet your learning interests and goals. This gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace and accommodate your busy lifestyle.

These courses are available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese.
Other languages can be available upon request.