Part 4 – 6 Mistakes to Avoid While Studying a New Language as an Adult

T & L Global Man in Coffe Shop Studying a New LanguageLanguage learning should be useful, effective, engaging and – why not – enjoyable.

Here are the final two mistakes you should avoid in order to get the most out of your language learning experience:

  • Each lesson lasts only one hour and you feel it is not worth your time.
    A one hour language lesson barely scratches the surface of the topics that are supposed to be addressed during the class. Imagine showing up for class after a long day at work. You make the effort of investing one hour of your time and end up walking out of the classroom almost empty-handed. It is like interrupting a football game after the first half when the battle has just begun. When you design your course with a trainer, make sure you plan at least 90 or 120 minutes per lesson. If you study with the right trainer, those two hours will fly by in the blink of an eye.
  • You enrolled in a class, paid for tuition fees and you absolutely hate it. You are now stuck in a contract and can’t get out.
    Never get stuck in a contract or enroll in long-term courses without making sure that you are 100% satisfied with the language service you are paying for. Before even deciding whether you want to enroll or not, the language center should provide you with a free trial lesson. If you are happy with your trial, then buy a monthly package and see how it goes. You can always extend your package and continue with your courses as you make progress.

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